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I have had too much experience with antibiotics not to know, firsthand, that this is real. Antibiotics can save your life when something awful is eating you, but they also leave you feeling like you're coming down with the flu or even like you've just plain got the flu... sometimes even complete with the barfing part... and this is because bad bugs release toxins when they die, plus they kill the good bugs right along with the bad ones, so the post-antibiotic malaise is protracted, though you've been cured of the life threatening infection.

Even if you haven't just done a course of antibiotics, though, you can still run into bad imbalances in there. This is mostly due to eating too much of what makes bad bugs proliferate, but also aging renders yer insides less efficient in maintaining a good atmosphere for healthy colonies of good bugs. It's always important to make sure you honor your good bugs and be sure to keep them happy, but when yer older it's literally a matter of life and death... not just for the bugs... YOU... and it is also the best quality of life insurance you can control.

Eat fermented food. Keep yer carb intake as low as you can stand. And treat yourself to some probiotics from the health food store once in a while. Whenever you can avoid antibiotics, do, and when you can't, be sure you've stocked up on probiotics from the health food store before you're done so you can IMMEDIATELY begin nuking yourself with good bugs to get the jump on the bad bugs that are, unfortunately, much faster than the good ones at setting up shop again after the antibiotic holocaust... but also because every minute you go without the good bug populations recovering is a minute where you don't feel up to being awake.

Foggy-brained, weak, grumpy, unhappy, achy, negative, shaky, trollish, generally disagreeable. And the more treats you think up to brighten your outlook, the more bad bugs leap into the void and create a steady infusion of toxins with their dazzlingly short lifespan and its attendant dazzlingly fast reproduction rate... which insures you stay cranky and irascible and feeling like crap even longer... maybe forever if you don't wise up.

Don't be an idiot.

Lay down a firewall of good bugs so they can take up lots of gut real estate, releasing vitamins into your system when they die after producing more of themselves to keep releasing vitamins steadily to keep you happening despite the occasional treat. You need to get and stay clear on this because the reason you love sweets so much, will reach for a slice of cake before a hunk of meat is because the toxin releasing from sugar-starved bad bugs is literally what's trained you to stuff yourself with carbs.

A couple Christmases ago, I had to watch Granny Fussbudget stuff himself with four baskets of warmed bread in a restaurant. It was so sickening I wanted to bolt, took ALL my Zen to remain affable through it. He was making little sex sounds the whole time... his saliva was leaping out to the baskets with his darting hand... thumping the table impatiently and dissing the [horrified] waitress when she took too long to refill the basket. Heaven forbid he should have to busy himself with a morsel of protein between bites of bread. It was revolting.

It was the occupation of his entire body by ISIS-biotics, no nutrition passing unscathed into his cells in probably decades, but only the steady infusion of toxins where vitamins are needed. It feels like sex because the toxin release rate immediately slows when you feed those microscopic terrorist hordes what they want. If it isn't bread or cereal or a sundae or a pie or a pizza or a candy bar or a cookie, they continue decapitating your cells and pissing poison into them until you do as you are told. No telling this to mister Oxford doctorate demon breath, though. Pass the Pibb.

And, worse still, he cops an imperious Oxford doctoral 'tude while doing it... thinks it's just the uneducated dolts flooding him with emails and snarky comments to blame, and, of course, the whole world full of abjectly incompetent service industry workers, for his miserable outlook on just about everything.

How many nasty old fucks would turn back into decent humans if they'd just lay down that firewall and feel human again?

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