why would you x-ray a flower?

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I know baking soda is great for a million things, but seems they chickened out on being precise enough about it on the matter of thrombosis. I mean, I imagined that would have to be to drink, but they didn't say so, so I used the googles on it and, yes, yer spozed to drink it.

But what are you left with after the fizzing stops? Salty vinegar? Salty lemon juice? And what are those once they get into your veins? Just regular vitamins and minerals, no? Yes. Unless they come in through an IV, they're no different than if you ate a salted lemon... or drank some ACV with salt in it.

Drinking some baking soda in water is good for an upset stomach or heartburn.

For killing foot fungus, nothing works better than thickly slathering your foot with mentholatum, covering it with a plastic bag, putting a sock on it, and getting in bed for the night. If you want to go longer, just be careful because it can screw with your traction and put you on your ass, but, whatever, you won't have foot fungus anymore.

Sprinkle baking soda on your wood cutting board or counters. Then drizzle vinegar on that and scrub. No more bacteria hiding in the grain. Also, scrubbing them with wet coffee grounds will make them look nicer.

I have one of those vexing double sinks and the one with the drain connecting to the arm off the main drain pipe gets clogged with food bits and grease every few years. I dump a fuck ton of baking soda into the dry drain, pack it down with a chopstick and then dump in more. When it's as full as I can get it, I start pouring vinegar on it. Every time it stops fizzing, I pour on more and very soon there is no blockage left in the pipe and no dread chemicals in the sewer or leach field.

I've been wondering if it wouldn't be safer to burn the pills we don't take instead of flushing them. I know we have to flush them when we've taken them and they come back out of us, but I'm thinking nuking them with baking soda and vinegar or burning them or both, while probably still not good for something, might end up being less dangerous to the environment overall.

If you want your vitamins to pack more punch, powder up the pills and dump the powder into some yogurt, or dump the contents of the caps into some yogurt, mix it all up, and let it sit out overnight. Consume the yogurt in the morning. It won't go bad and you'll be fine and your vitamins will be making your good gut bugs into glowing specimens of health, which then turns you into a glowing specimen of health.

Did you screw up, leave it out too long? Just add water and give it to your plants. They will be glowing specimens of health. Also, if you don't want to go through all the craziness of a compost pile, just order some compost worms and spread them in your garden, and then mulch it with whatever needs composting. It isn't as unsightly as it sounds, and it takes a while for the worms to become fully acclimatized, a few generations, sometimes, but you will end up with a self fertilizing garden that way.

It isn't just the worm castings. It's all the nutrients in the scraps, and, above all, the healthy microbes. Microbes are at least as important, and more important in some regions, like deserts and tropics with little soil cover, to the health of plants as they are to the health of humans. This could turn out to be the very best for old people with raised beds... saves us having to lug bags of heavy shit to keep our plants happy.

Oh. Baking soda. X-rayed flowers?

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