the rabble is at it again, sir

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Do you wish her drawn and quartered?

Thank you, Jeeves, but it may be time to test the resolve of the so-called revilers of scientism. I'll have to discuss this with the Board. Meanwhile, start terrifying that pustulant Russian cow and everyone connected with her. Make sure they feel the dread of how uncomfortable this altruism shit gets. You know the drill.

Very well, sir.


The bad news is that I forwarded this link to Tony, because, for sure, he would be wanting use of it for however long it might be happening, and he says it either never was what they're saying it was, or they've replaced it with a sort of Google Scholar trip that is definitely not free of DARPA bombs and not free of charge either.

The mindfucks are incoming like a stadium full of pies pelting down on us Christians and lions.

always and any time....