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They/we do.

And, being an "assimilated" lily-white-skinned Chickakee since long before I knew what an indian was, I feel I can speak to this with a minor degree of authority. I mean, if that's what you want to call it, I guess I can't stop you, but... it didn't take... okay? Nobody I know would call me "assimilated".

In fact, they complain about it, mostly behind my back.

Point being, even when it's only accidental you end up being a quarter-breed, you're not, even by virtue of three quarters, assimilated into jack. You look down at what of your body is visible, Zen-out feeling the totality of your skin, and, nope, sorry, you are human, big as heck... all the pieces the same and if yer not careful with them damn gonads, babies ensue the same as everywhere. Human... just like wasichu and just like wasichu found when he got here.

Just like the Paiutes who let all the "sacred" shit the feds found on the "public land" they took and called Evil Hour Bird Sanctuary sit in a storage room gathering dust for how long before the progressive-fascists gave them the idea they could stick out their "colonized" lower lips over LaVoy Finicum getting their abused "sacred" junk on video while begging them to come join him in his protest.

Just like the mind-vacuumed thugs who ambushed and murdered him in the snow so near where, evidently, a Paiute [or two... or... how many?] decided to keep the cash from their torched casino instead of rebuilding and progressive-fascist windbags are now propagandizing protester latrines into even heavier, greater, bigger, stronger, harder "colonization" of humans. You fucks.

Never mind some Bible thumper from out of state just got slaughtered in front of you by zombies for trying to remind you not assimilated colonized of something indispensable that you have lost. Never mind JT stayed alive for decades after being killed by the same zombies just to tell you what I'm telling you. You fucks.

We're humans. On a planet. And air sculpting our way into hell.

always and any time....