by jove, i think he's just about nailed it

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The psychopaths have been using Turkey as a proxy to help them wreck havoc in Syria without it looking like that's what they're doing. They were dangling a hunk of Syria into which Erdoğan could dump his hated Kurds at last. Splains his radical about face in his warming relations with Russia over the gas pipeline thing and his suicidal aggression in that area.

Thing is, I don't think the psychopaths realized Putin had spectacular amounts of killer intel on their despicable machinations and the US has been forced to start changing their tune on Turkey... slowly, slowly, barely perceptibly, but steadily enough not to bring down their house of cards while they scheme for other means, other inducements to conflagration. But it's becoming clear that Erdoğan is going to have one fuck of a time staying in power through it.

I'm just about to snap off the window at that link, when I notice Webby, whom I adore, is in the sidebar. So, I click onto the piece, even though it has a suspiciously neutral headline. He's getting old. He can be forgiven his shreds of optimism, I guess, and I didn't know Ohitlist had spoken to the Atlantic harshly about all the heads of state the psychopaths have been bullying for his entire tenure as puppet in chief. Guess I'll have to go find that... maybe... maybe even read it if I can keep my coffee down.

But, Webby, darling. The one thing that has surprised most of us about Obama is how avid he is to do what he's told, and of course he's going to be mad at EU leaders because they have been pretending to ally with his bosses, the psychopaths, while subverting that action at avery opportunity. It isn't like anyone could expect him to embrace their weakening of the psychopaths' agenda, and few in Europe even want to be crabby with Putin anymore.

That way lies a peaceful and prosperous future where all nations deal to each other's advantage. The psychopaths' way leads to WWIII. So, no, that was no regime change agreement between two world leaders who think they have the right to run other countries. That was Vladimir Putin telling Ohitlist that either Erdoğan goes and the proxy support for terrorists and provocateur cells from him stops, or the psychopaths are not going to like the setback they are going to suffer on the world stage.

He's had crack intelligence people in the midst of all these US-backed terror organizations and he knows the ENTIRE chain of players. He released the images of the oil trucks convoy from Daesh into Turkey as proof he wasn't fucking around. They got the message. They will try other things if they can, or they will regroup and start it all over, but, believe it, Putin was telling Obama exactly what he was going to do, something Obama understands well, no matter how cocky and happy to be murdering and overthrowing world leaders as he clearly is, and exactly what was going to happen if he did not. And he proved it. So. It seems Obama is cooperating.

You'll know if you start hearing about Americans leaving Turkey.

Maybe Obama sees this as his chance to leave office feeling a tenth the statesman Putin is, but, well, if so, only until it doesn't serve his vanity.

Here's the Atlantic piece. I'll read it in the morning.


No. I'm up. I was going to do it. I was doing it. My core was not having it. My core was trying to blur my eyesight. My ears were trying to get away from the video. Nope. My body's not having it. My brain is telling my body to take in this piece the guys at Voltaire seemed to think signals so much, and it probably does signal a lot... things like doom and nobody in all DC and its satellites around the country and world or in all punditry itself wanting ever to have to submit to the ministrations of Medusa Clinton.

It's a cry for help, guys. They're trying to signal that they're trapped in the maw of a beast and if they don't pretend everything is good and lucid and American as hard as they can, the beast will not bother hiding itself from the world anymore, and when we look in horror at it, knowing the heroism of our shit officialdom at last, saving us from monsters, we all turn to stone. THEY'RE AFRAID. None of them up to the demands of true humanity, and they'll lose face if you don't go along with their excuses.

Fuck you. Not a one of them is fit to have licked Prokhorenko's left boot, and that's the kind of humans needed to free us. This is just the kind of moral psychedelia I have never been able to stand, the unbelievable truth that has flummoxed me at every turn since I can remember, the utterly vaporizingly-astounding difference between what is only said and what is actual, the one test I can never pass... that leap into pretending... that capitulation of spirit and personal integrity that is THE price of admission everywhere... for everything.

And you don't have to tell me how hard/impossible it feels to unleap those leaps. All I can tell you is: In every moment, that was then and this is now. You aren't that leaper, that sinner, in the very next split instant if you refuse. Yes, you will remember it, and so will others, but it can't paralyze you anymore because you aren't that coward anymore.

always and any time....