i warned everybody years ago

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If you want a fabulously successful website, you concentrate on space aliens and money. A generally New Age bent is most desirable, but not mandatory. I think, actually, now, its power is waning somewhat, but it's still the go-to for anyone whose object is to support themselves on the complicated system of pipes, especially if conferences can be worked in.

For a while there we had some particularly lucid types bringing up some interesting theories about a secret space program, doing a pretty convincing job of it, given that their individual areas of expertise were meshing darn well. The most salient bit being, of course, the private physics to make it all work.

I was vexed by their disinclination to press that point such that it might transcend the shackles of Out There and take its true place in the world, but... well... that is too scary and not profitable enough to cover the nut. So space aliens have to be involved and doomsday scenarios. Soon, I reckon, abductees and targeted individuals will need to be included or it will cease being worth the candle and full retirement or miracle cures will be the only options.

Still, the kernel of it, the way it wanted to start out had promise, real promise. Fine. Not financially, maybe, because people have to have IQs to be interested in it enough, but why is it okay to waste your time putting on circus acts and pasting over your points with entertaining bits to attract paying customers, when it's not okay to just stick to your guns and cut out time for filling your belly?

I'll answer myself. Circuses are fun and garner adulation. Sticking to your guns and becoming an Uber driver is drudgery and hard on the ego. Never mind that the first way reality gets obfuscated and the other way it gets exposed. This all can very easily be rationalized by pointing out that exposing reality can be harmful to your health, and it's better to stay healthy than to move humanity forward. Hands down.

Then you keep getting shit hitting the news like this bit that puts the lie to everything you're trying to show. Over and over and over again you gotta remind everybody that this secret needs to be kept from most public officials even more than it needs to be kept from members of the general public. So the privacy of the real physics stays impregnable and us stubborn types can whine about it all we want.

Worst case: Chris Carter gets called in to turn it back into fiction.

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