i'm dying here

[click image]


A tent, by the ocean, with a clawfoot tub in it and this. I'm good forever.


I got so fucked up over that car I forgot about my coffee, for, like, two hours... and I'm totally bleary and insentient from this, flitting around the complicated system of pipes until I land on this image. I'm still hearing my car, but staring at the image. I'm trying to do the math. My mind's going 39, thirty-nine, yoohoo, thirdee nein, while I'm trying to concentrate on multiplying 9 by 5 and subtracting 6. Finally, I arrive at the answer.

Whaddya know?


Right! My mind is, and has always been, light years smarter, faster, on the moment than my brain. I just was trained not to listen to it. So well conditioned, in fact, that it has taken me decades to hear it a little once in a while.

You don't get it. You do not exist. Neither do I.

I'm not fuckin' around here.

always and any time....