i'm sorry

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I worse than never liked him. He turns my stomach, even dead. I feel like barfing, even just having to look for an image that doesn't make me totally sick. Sorry. I wasn't going to bring it up. Not like it was going to be news for you or anything, but I gotta say it again.

An astonishing number of soon to be not as big moneymakers are dying before their times. I can't forget that Randy Quaid was one of the most reliably salable actors in the world until he slowed down to enjoy life.

Then, suddenly, he was doing nutty shit like going to a bunch of hotels instead of home, and his people were not paying the bills, and finally he found a mouthpiece in Canada to tell the world about "star whackers" and we, as you have seen, were made to feel the guy'd gone batshit crazy, spent all his money on a psycho broad, and copped some kind of 'tude about his bills.

I couldn't get there from here.

I also notice a bunch of old actors and musicians suddenly taking it entirely too far after seeming to have been going gently into that good night.

Because, you know, there comes a break point where your life insurance, and sales bump from your death, on all your contracts pays more than they're ever going to get from your work going forward.

always and any time....