odd, i know

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But a vet with traumatic brain injury just turned me on to these videos, and much as I loathe the videos talking at people as though we're toddlers, I think these two might actually make the pervasively materialist theories of man just a tad less mighty. They begin to make room for scientism to consider things quite less mechanical.

The one on the split brain problem seems also to wander in the direction of what Zen has been trying for centuries to get through to you. Your left brain is doing the talking. It's full of shit. It has NO idea what it's saying. And your right brain can't talk, can't override the left brain's sometimes spectacular accumulations of bullshit, can't make itself heard over the din blathering on about everything it sees and experiences and what little the right brain is able to insert between the syllables of its incessant blather.

The psychopaths never stop working to turn up the volume in the left brain, making it so integrating your mind back into its natural and rightful state is nigh impossible. It PAYS them to do this, and... it COSTS you everything.

So. They're short. They're engaging. Pretend yer a toddler. Might help.

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