the maps DO say something big

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But I would not bother reading the article or freaking out over the global warming map, because it's very likely complete horse shit and extremely unlikely to go down like that, or if it does, see Randall Carlson, and 82º here today notwithstanding, it will not last long enough for it to have done any good to move to the green pastures of Antarctica.

No. Really. Stop being so credulous. The fuckers have proven a thousand times over they are incompetent to state what is what, let alone what is likely to come of it, and before they decided to make a bid for a global carbon tax the predictions for what would come of global warming were NOTHING like this. The evaporation was said to be going to encase the planet in thick clouds and swiftly bring on "nuclear winter" and an ice age.

Mox nix. Balderdash. These maps indicate there are academics planning out the infrastructure for One World Government, aka the so risible New World Order nobody but Vladimir Putin and his brain trust seems to be even noticing, let alone thwarting.

The answers are not within what you know as "The System". You have to do what Doug Hofstadter outlined in Gödel, Escher, Bach; to wit: jump out of the system. Like yer sitting on a limb of a tall tree, looking down at clowns tearing around in a small circus ring and seeing ways to prevent their disasters scattered on the ground all around their hideously feebleminded closed system.


More balderdash.
Einstein's theory of general relativity is to be put to the test by a newly launched satellite in an experiment that could upend our understanding of physics.

The French "Microscope" orbiter will try to poke a hole in one of Einstein's most famous theories, which provides the basis for our modern understanding of gravity.

Scientists will use the kit to measure how two different pieces of metal—one titanium and the other a platinum-rhodium alloy—behave in orbit.

"In space, it is possible to study the relative motion of two bodies in almost perfect and permanent free fall aboard an orbiting satellite, shielded from perturbations encountered on Earth," said Arianespace, which put the satellite into orbit [last] Monday.

Einstein's theory suggests that in perfect free-fall, the two objects should move in exactly the same way. But if they are shown to behave differently "the principle will be violated: an event that would shake the foundations of physics", Arianespace added.

Also aboard the Russian Soyuz rocket launched from French Guiana was an Earth-observation satellite equipped with radar to monitor the planet's surface to track climate and environmental change and help in disaster relief operations.

That satellite, along with another launched two years ago, is part of the 3.8-billion-euro ($4.3-billion) Copernicus project, which will ultimately boast six orbiters in all.

Three previous launches from Arianespace's Spaceport in French Guiana, an overseas territory that borders Brazil, were delayed by poor weather and technical issues.

A countdown [last] Sunday was halted after scientists observed an "anomaly", the agency said in an earlier statement, while adverse weather conditions had thwarted other attempts.
Einstein will not be toppled until something loses its head and decides to stop concealing the private physics, and any yips you might hear about this indicating they're readying us for the new age of space travel are only there for entertainment value.

Yeah, it's nice to give your imagination some air, even if it's only paying through the nose to let someone else's imagination set that particularly erudite-sounding wishful thinking wafting in through your ears, but expect any results from these satellites to just never come up on your radar, or anomalies to ruin the whole operation. Depends on its mood, I guess.

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