you think a dorky kid can't be right about a lost mayan temple?

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You think only our vaunted doctorated politician priests are the last word on anything pertaining to what is? Excuse me, but this is the Jaguar Paw temple at El Mirador, a three-day walk from the nearest road. It is about twenty miles from the spot the kid picked based on his constellation theory. Look at it on Google Maps and see how different that looks from a bunch of other features of the area.

Plain human sense tells you the kid's postulation has great merit.

You don't need a degree in anything to know that.

And consider the brilliant stuff brought to us by Randall Carlson! He's a builder. But he knows he's got a brain and what he can figure out when he sets his mind to it... and it's radically better than the lame shit drooling out of the bastions of scientism.

Every science and discipline is bursting with enthusiasts who have better information for us already, some working in the field and some supporting themselves with day jobs while they use their heads for something besides hat racks.

Do you get that we are not going to make it without them?

Do you get that this is why they are being suppressed?

always and any time....