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There are morons out there who compare Taibbi to HST. This piece is the very incarnation of not just pusillanimity, but lethal pusillanimity. And the word "might" in that last sentence is way worse than merely risible.

There's no "might" about it. It did and no one's getting even an inch toward ending its reign. Part of my ocean of grief for the loss of Ali is this knowledge, and, yeah, the Pentagon's PR budget probably has a lot to do with it, but we freaked out when we caught Dubby's crew pulling that shit, and now it's just a point made in a T-E-P-I-D piece mentioning that the establishment learned immediately from their big mistake.

Taibbi didn't say Word One about us going back to sleep immediately after that.

Every fucking site on the pipes is full of a hate crime in Orlando when we are slaughtering hundreds of thousands of times that many people across the globe for something far worse. Even the idiots still bellowing curses over Edward Bernays, if they even put it together that it's the same mindfucking he taught at work, aren't making a dent.

The pen really is mightier than the sword, except the pen is either backing the sword or so T-E-P-I-D in its opposition the mice come out to compare this dickless shit to the mighty HST and everyone feels righteous for thirty seconds and turns back to their piles of horse shit in their cubicles, anxious to get through it so they can go to the gym and play with kettle bells and stop by the speed mart for some dick pills.

always and any time....