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The mainstream propaganda weapon has switched into full vilification mode. It can't help but mean he's a good guy they want to lynch or cancerfy or decapitate with bullets in Dealey Plaza. Can it? I'm sick of tracking down the full histories on these guys, especially if they're going to rip my heart out when they assassinate him.

At least, from now on, it won't be full of so much remorse for having believed the mindfuckers like a nice little well-programmed cow, but, awful as that is for me, just knowing that villains are using our resources to do this shit hurts beyond saying, and as always, it sucks when someone who tried to do his best is killed for it.

Anyway, I think this constitutes as close to proof as can be had that he's no vicious dictator, but rather a man who just gave a bunch of pig fuckers the slip.

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