getting old is not for wimps

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I can identify with where this guy is coming from
By 60 or so, the world has changed so much that your inner map can't be depended upon. A profoundly disorienting event. Hard to get used to.

You're stuck with your inner map, but it's almost impossible to alter.

The only solution: Discipline yourself to keep your eyes and ears open and respond to the world that is, not the world you "see" on your map.

But most people choose another way and don't even know they're choosing: They confine their lives – and their opinions – to the limits of their map. That can pretty much work, if you're affluent enough. Life gets thinner, or drier, or less resonant, but it's still life, still familiar – and familiarity is as important to old people as it is to small children. But this approach eventually makes you feel useless as well as old.

(As for the word "old": 60 is not the new 40. It's really not. If Google and the robot-makers succeed, 160 won't be the new 40 either. The body is far easier to change than the psyche. Hey: We don't even have a firm concept of what the psyche is. Put colloquially, "We just know we got one." And it's unpredictable as hell – so much so, that in the Bible it's often called Satan.)

It becomes an enormous and baffling psychological environment.

The world inside you is no longer the world around you.

That makes for a sadness. A sadness that stays.
but I don't think it need necessarily be quite this bad if our bodies aren't going to shit, helping drag down our ability to enjoy the nuances that can be wrung from this still gorgeous vale of tears... but... well... I try to remind everybody of the irrefutable truth of infinity as often as I can.

It doesn't only mean that every point is the midpoint of the cosmos. It also means there's as much cosmos inside your skin as outside of your skin, that even if there's no one yearning to plumb your depths, you can and it can be better even than sex ever was. Few believe me. Even though there's no refuting any of these points. People do anyway.

always and any time....