i'm not psychic

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I am not smarter than you are. I'm normal. And I want to ask you why you think the media went batshit crazy boosting Trump and making Killdawg look like chopped liver in makeup right up to the Democratic National Convention and now it is the exact opposite. Why do you think that happened?

And, since you probably know the answer to that, or the one I accept as reality, what does that mean for the future of our best young people? For all that conviction about changing the corrupt system? Doesn't it remind you of someone? Do you GET why I never stop reminding you that shedding your conditioning is the ONLY way, the ONLY hope?

I even told Billy months ago that I didn't think Trump would hold still for actually going through the motions to lose, and would find some florid way to put someone else in that unenviable position, and, lo, The Murdoch Thing tells me yesterday that the RNC is searching for ways to oust him as their candidate. And his campaign manager, whose fingerprints were all over The Ukraine's Orange Pushbutton Revolution, is already saying Paul Ryan when he's supposed to be meaning Donald Trump.

If you find any of this shocking, I will try to go back and find the links to back it up, but this is not the normal kind of blogger's I-tole-yiz-so post, even though I told you exactly what was going on at the beginning of this interminable and migraine-inducing campaign season... that never used to start until the Spring of election years, but who's counting... no, I'm telling you this because there is a way you can tune down the mental conditioning and hear yourself.

The actual you is right there. You just can't hear him/her very well, if ever. If you would prefer a real life in a real world to this all-pervading mindfuck, all you have to do is turn the light around and start shedding the mindfucks you've believed all your life because everybody says so.

always and any time....