my oklahoma ptsd is acting up

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We had a 5.6'er off Petrolia a couple days ago and hardly noticed it, but that's huge for the Okies. As you will recall, I was reporting many of them a day when I was there. They were unnerving because they were so many and I was in a house with gas leaks.

I was eating mostly the cottage cheese from California that was not poison. I'd scoured the local supermarket for clean food. The produce was little and forlorn as fuck. The meat, all of it, was as though it had been in deep freeze for decades and not edible. I guess the trick is to either marinate a distracting taste into it or chop it up and mix it with packaged shit to disguise it, but, well, I question the Okies' determination to consume it at all because surely there are no nutrients left in it anyway. McDonald's was probably a healthier choice.

So. Looking at all that shit dumped into the aisles seems a kind of poetry to me, even though I'm sure it's upsetting the locals quite a bit... and I'm worried about my kooky pin lady and her family and pets and all the crazy sculptures and hanging mirror art in her yard. She's very close to the epicenter.

always and any time....