i guess it's never too late to learn

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I was not expecting Profiles in Courage from Ofuckface, and, in fact, expected him to wuss out on some important things, but, yes, aghast am I over the completely unexpected depths of his pusillanimity. The only good to come from his entire administration is to have illustrated for those of us with eyes to see that psychopaths, killers that they are, are also completely bereft of courage... that the only way they get over on us is to shoot us first.

I mean, I knew this already, but the vivid psychological profile really helps.

I can hardly wait for that piece of shit to be out of office. No matter how bad Trump is as a president, I think he's not a psychopath. He's all kinds of narcissistic, but not a psychopath... which leaves room for the remote possibility he will stand up to them, that he might even frighten them back under their rocks.

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