it's darn chilly

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And I bet it'll be falling here near sea level, just not sticking. My trip to Tahoe and back was about the last chance to do it before it would have been too ugly. My windows of opportunity on both ends were open just enough to do it without any frills.

I'd wanted to go to that stupid little restaurant in the middle of Nowhere Special, California to relive my fine dining experiences with 86 back in the day, when we'd pack up our Mendo World selves and head for the funky motel near the olive farm in the middle of the state where he would use a grape harvester on their olives. Just spending a couple weeks playing with boy toys and being motel people.

It was always big fun and that restaurant was impeccable.

I was huge on their steaks. Huge. But I guess I'm wussing out in my old age because even those steaks didn't tempt me to stay out on the roads with the pinheads in bad weather. They are definitely scary enough when it's not raining or snowing.

always and any time....