alex is stoked

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In a nutshell, the humanitarian impulses of liberals have been redirected by stoking their urges for self-righteousness. So intoxicating are the means to invoking that, it blanks out sense. This is why you see people who purport to be on the side of the little guy completely silent on the matter of of little guys being droned or starved. This is why you see people who believe themselves to be peace loving decent people wearing knitted vaginas on their heads going postal on their fellows in the streets.

They have no idea that "the right" has co-opted their claims to human decency. They don't understand that psychopaths have been murdering their way to making their rights into fossils. They don't see anymore. They have never lived in a community. They were pumped full of lies in school and were never allowed to grow out of them.

They think they are nice people, and would actually be nice people if they were not this deluded about what "nice" really entails. WHERE were they when real help for women and children was on the chopping block? WHERE were they when the president was giving himself a hit list? WHERE were they while Killdawg was obliterating countries and funneling arms and money to the terrorists she hired? WHERE were they while the media went full court press against Russia over shit actually done by our government?

And, why, now that there is a chance to fix all or most of that mayhem, are they out pitching hissies in the streets? Start asking them. The answers are lunatic. Lunatic.

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