i don't know for sure

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But I can't imagine there will be much slope left to dump into the streams after this winter. Again there is no food in here and I have to swim to the store. It's my own fault, sort of, I opted to wait for an important phone call that never came over getting to the store before this.

I'm also so sick of this culture that I am going to look for less infuriating news aggregation sites, maybe ones without Beyonce sprawling naked and pregnant on its masthead. Honestly, AJ's circus is better than the mainstream twaddle AND less mindfucking.

I mean, yeah, I wanted to point out the mindfucks, but it only ever increaseth and it's so debauched it is just plain demoralizing, and the Soros boys have more cash than God and spend it lavishly on seriously well organized protests and provocateuring on completely mindfucked young people who are impressed by pregnant pigs sprawled ludicrously across the mastheads of their news sources and avid to read about the poor freaks who suicided because their parents wouldn't let them get sex change operations at ten.

Surely there is something more productive for humanity.

pipe up any time....