no. really.

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Even Admiral Janeway said, years ago, that using TwitFace is like filling your own FBI file for them kind of stupid, notwithstanding that she then seemed to give up serious opposition and began using TwitFace. See, if yer just trying to drum up business and running around to conferences to regale paying customers with Out There theories, why worry?

It's going to be like the Max Headroom show... already is... where you can align yourself with what the corporations expect of you, or you can be a Blank, a futuristic kind of hunter gatherer forever having to flee detection by the corporations.

More people are desperate to stop this than it appears to the average urban "progressive" voter. It is the hope of most Trump supporters that he can and will derail this boulder rolling ever faster toward the frank fascist nadir. Maybe he's not the optimal personality for the task, or maybe he is, mox nix, he's the only one we've gotten in decades who is willing to try.

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