not pretty

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And damn confusing to me.

If the pipeline/s cost/s more than it/they bring/s in, and the protesters are on Fort Laramie Treaty land, WTF is this anyway? SWAT teams with live ammo and military Humvees removing protestors physically from their own land? If somebody has a link to a site with the whole background into this, the players, the owners, how they came to own it and get it approved, the works, please shoot it right on over to me so I can get this straight.

I know for sure there was someone who isn't an idiot explaining how this was one of Hillary's pay-to-plays in the first place, but I can't find it anymore and someone's got to have the lowdown on this. Right?

Or are we all supposed to just split off into our competing interests and sling shit at each other for the rest of time?

pipe up any time....