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But I think it will turn into a permanent link later... if not, I will try to find the permanent link for it later. You might want to marvel at the level of legal genius left "functioning".


The other interpretation of the Trump phenomenon is nearly as likely as mine. In fact, if you were judging off history alone, it is more likely. The psychopaths always provide their own opposition, or, where there is real resolve in the people, a grassroots opposition, they co-opt that one.

They have failed in the past, else feudalism would never have stopped being overt. There are times when they have to retreat and regroup and be sneakier for however long it takes them to get their lock back, but they ALWAYS can get their lock back, because they have the money... they are the money.

They're never not in ultimate control. Letting the masses squirm around in various levels of existential terror definitely makes life sweeter to be psychopaths. Except, as technology advances the squirming masses can get the means to ruin them forever, and so "freedom" has to become a thing no "sane" person can exercise outside a delusory, utterly falsified, idea of what freedom is.

See image cartoon for how not difficult that is to achieve.

Within the vast institutional structures of the psychopaths' control grid are regular humans who don't want it to be this way. To the extent it is in their power to fix, they will try. Always. That is humantude. So you cannot judge what is happening by the historical affiliations of his cabinet picks and appointments.

Either the "deep state" was fucking with Hillary and her perverts from the git, or the insider resistance pulled it out. This was not "warring factions of the deep state". The deep state doesn't operate like that. The conscientious objectors who work for it, though, covert as they must remain, really can have pulled it out. Election-wise, and Trump-administration-wise, and would now be in the process of wresting a much more secure level of control back from deep state psychopaths.

The psychopaths bent on maintenance of global control have either always been enjoying torturing Hillary, or there is an insider resistance, of all political affiliations, allied with Donald Trump. Those are your choices for the bottom line. Still, even with the resistance allied with him, the psychopaths are only weakened, not beaten, and still wield insane amounts of real power. The only cap on it is when the use of it would threaten their own existence.

The moment where we can be sure of Trump, one way or the other, is not yet.

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