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Of all of them, Dubby was the one with the least choice. He is NOT the reason Europe has terrorists.
I cannot understand why the American public do not treat this man with the contempt the British do to Tony Blair. Bush is the reason why Europe has terrorist problems.
He grew up in it! Was a total fuck up through the first third of his life, a sobered bumbler through the next third, and now that he's in his last third, paid his dues to the psychopaths, just let him be happy in what's left of his hell.

Truly. You know he never wanted to be president. You know he didn't do ANYTHING but on the say-so of his superiors... which include Fudd as his handler. Who did he murder to climb to power? Who did he fuck because he could? He could barely get through a coherent sentence for EIGHT agonizing years. He had no choice. All the others did.

Jebby is still the smartest one. Made certain no machine could drive him into the White House. That whole family is enslaved to the sins of the fathers. Neil might be the only one who ever liked it.

Dubby may have known, or thought he knew, what was coming down on 9/11, but he did not, and he spent the whole day making sure, in person, all the guys who could be fooled about nuclear codes were stood down. He had no choice going in, and made the right one coming out, on that day.

All the historically vile shit put in motion and escalated drastically by his administration was none of his doing. You know it, and damn too bad we didn't know it at the time, but Nosbaracktu made Fudd, et al., look like elementary school class clowns before he was in office a scant three months, and continues to take pride in every minute of it... so much so he's now campaigning for President of Planet Earth.

We can't keep letting them tell us who's evil and who's stupid and who's impeccable. We have to stop everything and really LOOK, use a greater sense, before anything improves.


It's because THEY'RE NOT LIBERALS, and he's not even political. Duh.

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