the good news and the bad news

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My brain enzymes are in great shape, but it's fucking awesomely awful out there, and I keep leaping up to look for spring out my door, but getting blown back into my house.


101 still hanging by a thread.
We're continuing to shore up the hillside at the site of a recent slide on U.S. Highway 101 at Last Chance Grade, just south of Crescent City in Del Norte County.

This photo was snapped today as our contractors continue to drill and drive micropiles under the northbound lane of US101 to ensure it remains a safe and reliable route for the foreseeable future.

We appreciate your patience as we work to stabilize the northbound lane, rebuild the southbound lane, and eventually resume normal two-way traffic (which - despite the damage caused by this slide and the unique challenges of the work site - could occur as early as this summer).

In the meantime, please allow for about 25 minutes of delays on Last Chance Grade as we continue our efforts to ensure your safety. Caltrans, our several agency, tribal, and non-governmental partners, and our elected officials are all working diligently towards a long-term solution at the Grade.

If we need to close the Grade for any reason, we'll be sure to let you know here. For even more information about current highway conditions, visit the Caltrans Quickmap at, grab the Quickmap app from the iOS App Store or Google Play store, or call 1-800-GAS-ROAD.
Despite that it's still raining pachyderms... don't know if this will still be true by morning.

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