here it is again

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A bunch of bratty little freshmen hassling us for cigarettes at the wall at every break and lunch. They had to wait until we graduated to become the Waldos... which was a stolen moniker from many iterations of kids who hung at the wall. You were a hippie, or a beatnik before us, if you hung at the wall, and a jock if you hung at the parking lot.

I hung at both until my boyfriend insisted on the wall.

The wall was across the street from the campus and so we could smoke there without getting busted and sent to the office. I finally stooped to smoking Eves, the slender ones with flowers on the filters so the guys wouldn't bum them from me. Not like I was made of money for everybody to be smoking up my pack every day.

We tolerated these little rats so long as they didn't try to take up anyone's regular space on the wall.

It was a stupid story, but I guess their determination to prove their right to the blame for this dumb meme and annual dopers' holiday did some good for a homeless guy, and that is nice to hear.

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