i don't even care if this is right or wrong anymore

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One cannot ascertain truth through a partisan lens. Not just political partisanship. There is a partisan mindset conferred with a paycheck. There is one conferred by the people you know and love. There is one conferred by how the world juxtaposes itself with what you have assimilated in school and in experience.

You can't find the truth of any single thing that way.

Science, I'm certain, was invented in an effort to fix this problem, but it succumbed to partisanship and almost nobody resorts to pure science anymore because that does not serve their partisan goals.

Then we've got the nihilists insisting there is no such thing as truth, which neatly leaves them in partisan land, pretending they're not partisan.

You fucking oafs! Stop. Look. Drop it! Drop it and look.

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