i have good news and bad news for you

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The bad news is Macy's has been a part of my world since I can remember, and I can remember waaaay back there... being two and my psychopath sister a newborn, in the back of the car parked in the shade of the tree at the back of the Macy's parking lot, while Mom ran into the store for something. I remember going there to get my Calvins because those damn jeans enhanced my already outrageous babetude to the max. My first pair of Emu boots. My Dior lipstick.

But. Fuck Macy's. Increasingly overpriced. Unoriginal. You can get handmade stuff that is radically better than anything in that store from geniuses on Etsy for way less. Even eBay has brand new stuff for half what you'd pay retail. Amazon should be reserved only for stuff you cannot get locally, and these days that's a lot, but most of all we should be doing our best to support the little shops in our towns.

This corporate retail shit is a monster... and, oh, there is no middle class left in America. You either have the money to cover the nut or spend a great deal of your time dreading the disaster that makes you a street person.

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