jesus christ on a crutch

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It isn't just drill sergeants amok out there. Contemplate the mentality that cooks this shit up and pays for its execution.

You know, this kind of stuff is only stopped by censure by society... any society... not just ours. If people are immediately shunned and ridiculed for even attempting this stuff, it doesn't happen. In healthy human society, it doesn't happen. You wonder how it gets this unhealthy.

Hierarchies. Like in the military and like in societies where too many have too little and too few have too much. I'm not even talking communism here. I'm talking about healthy human societies where money does not exist at all. If we do not live and work in human-sized communities where people can't get away with this shit, this planet is hell for too many.

Life is suffering. Clinging is its cause. There is a way out. Take it.

That's my personal rendition of the Four Noble Truths, and I don't mean off yourself, even as I'm telling you to off yourself. I mean keep living and off yourself. I mean live for life. I mean grow into yourself. I mean live up to yourself. I mean there is no way to make this world paradise but to do this.

And we don't because we want to drive fancy cars, or pay the rent, or have our motherfucking clawfoot tubs, or simply to afford enough groceries. We don't because money. Not from lack of it, but because it exists.

The neighbors aren't going to have any way to control your greed if you made the money to afford to inflict that suffering on others, because it's not called "inflicting suffering" then. How are they going to bring some maniac into line who picks on his men so egregiously they end up in the hospital if he's got so much utterly undeserved power his personality disorder can run amok?

Where did he get that power? He got it from the fucks who keep a military so they have all the money in the world whether or not other people object or die or have their entire country made too radioactive for successful reproduction.

If you listened to that alternative cancer guy, notwithstanding his rather avant-garde enthusiasms, you heard about discrete populations of people who are spectacularly long-lived, and though he said no psychopaths are born or grown in them, it is almost certainly that no psychopaths are allowed in them... like Inuit taking them out sealing and return with the sad news that they fell off the ice in a "tragic accident".

Healthy societies full of grown up humans do not endure this shit.

Nature herself dishes out quite enough for any living being, and any human who wants to lessen suffering takes responsibility for lessening it. It can't be done within monetary systems of any kind.

How much longer will decent people keep letting psychopaths' conceits rule the world?

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