he can empathize

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Having borne the brunt of alliances and agreements with the psychopaths, nearly having been killed or ousted by them, who better to remind the Arabs which way lies salvation and which way destruction?

I don't know anymore who's a good guy and who is a bad guy in most geopolitical chess scrums because both mainstream media and a huge swath of alternative media are wholly owned subsidiaries of psychopathic oligarchs who demand and get baldfaced lies out of everyone who works for them. It was hard enough digging down to the facts about Putin when it was still possible to get them, and those days are gone.

I know for sure that Erdoğan was very recently almost killed and replaced by a coup backed by the United States, so that means he has too many impulses toward decency, even if nasty things might also be true of him... and I really don't know about those because I can remember a time when Erdoğan took a principled stance on one of Israel's many horrific crimes against humanity. So he could be a very good guy getting the full treatment from the psychopaths' weaponized media just like Putin.

I know for sure that Putin and Lavrov are both truth tellers who have spent most of their political lives doing good things to help their people and weaker countries, while always making friendly overtures to stronger ones. No matter what, they will be remembered for centuries as heroes.

I know for sure that Ahmadinejad was mercilessly maligned for his entire tenure as President of Iran. With my Zen training, it was crystal clear to me that he had counsel of enlightening beings, or is one himself. So it was particularly scary how he was made out to be a monster.

So. Now that it's very close to impossible for anyone to tell what's what about world leaders, I can only say that this news about Erdoğan seems to me to be him trying to prevent the Arab world from decimating their greatest strength against psychopathy, their alliance with each other.

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