it's the economy stupid

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Jon Rappoport says he was told in the very early days of gene research that it was going to become a very big deal, that scientists were going to be coming out with mountains of paper on gene research, and that it was going to be pure hype. It was going to be about garnering millions, billions, trillions in grants and it would all be based on thin air no one could bust them on for a very long time.

Other scientists embellished, of course, but the one that sticks is the part about the bottomless grant generation, getting that nasty bit about paying the bills forever behind anyone who could add new paper to an ultimate Mt Everest of grant-enticing blather. I don't know if Jon made up that source to voice his own opinion or not, but it doesn't matter.

It's still veritable hairless chimpanzees doing all this stuff, and most of them are very well educated in jargon and purposely stunted theories called "facts" and will just get paychecks for busywork they call "cutting edge". So what? Capitalism, baby.

Just like the secondary psychopaths who execute the functions of our utterly corrupt government, their paychecks depend on them not ever consciously, let alone publicly, recognizing the harm they are doing for a living. You can't get most people to be murderers to bring home the bacon, but you can get them to murder just about anybody if the means is only generating or shuffling paper and calling it "patriotism" or "science" or "journalism" or "education"... all sorts of things that actually kill or grievously harm others somewhere down the line.

If you listened to Putin about nukes and balance of powers with Stone the other day, you will remember he explained, simply, that it had been the scientists themselves who gave Russia the bomb... that they recognized the import of what they had done and made sure there was a way to keep a lid on it, so to speak. I say they were all Germans who knew all about it already and all of them were trying to save their own skins... and Putin probably agrees with me but knows what happens if he says it outright.

If you subscribe to Granny Fussbudget's fairly well-researched theory that Germany had nukes well before the end of WWII, and put that together with the now publicly admitted Project Paperclip, where German scientists were brought here and others brought to Russia at the end of the war, it probably won't take you long to realize how the Nazis bought their way out of suffering the same defeat Germany did in that war. He's even put Bormann on a U-boat to the U.S. with the means to create the bombs we dropped on Japan.

Some mention of Germans using weapons on Russians that made Stalin threaten germ warfare if it didn't stop, but the evidence seems to point to the Nazis shunting aside their nukes research in favor of a project they deemed "war decisive"... the Bell.

People ask all kinds of questions like if they had nukes, why didn't they use them, at least not in Europe if maybe they did in Russia? My answer to that question would be that they wanted to inhabit Europe and the United States, and Russia would only be good for resources, that they understood nukes are both not deadly enough and way too deadly in the long run, and wanted something SO awesome nobody could possibly combat them. So they put their scientists on the Bell... the ultimate weapon made from wringing the medium of spacetime like a washcloth.

And the Nazis were not a purely German construct. They were very largely an American one... made possible by an ultimately stateless cabal of plutocrats bent on global control. Germans are just seriously smart, industrious to the hilt, no nonsense get 'er done types in their very bones. Nothing keeps them down. Anyone who has ever met a real German can avidly attest to the veracity of this point. Even the stupidest German looks like the product of Einstein and Mr Clean and the Jolly Green Giant next to any American bubba you want to hold up to him.

Their culture appears to me to have long since soaked clear into their genes and if you are ever in trouble, look to a German to slap you around until you are shipshape again. I'm not kidding.

Point being, HUMANS, veritable chimpanzees with an embarrassment of nudity, recognize right and wrong, good and evil, EVEN when bent on destroying their enemies, and a LOT of hard training has to go into making them disinclined enough to recognize it so that you can use them for evil. You gotta keep their existential terror almost all the way up to full tilt, just below the point where they cease functioning completely and go screaming naked off cliffs, and flood them with casuist stories so relentlessly they forget at some point that you're pumping them full of shit.

Now take a look out there.

What I like the most about this particular video is it demonstrates very nicely how we are conditioned to think about certain unspeakable concepts, which paves the way for those concepts to become realities. It points up the need for people who can both see the harm and not fall prey to it, and for those people to awaken others. It's not enough to just recognize what you see. You have to use that recognition against the evil.

If you do not, how can you call yourself "innocent"? How do living things survive this shit? Are you so wrapped up in cramming the most fun into this vale of suffering before your 30-second life span is done that you can't stand to care? Do you think you're too old for this shit and leave it to the youngsters to deal with?

You know, Gurdjieff had a theory that not all humans have souls, that one needed to grow a soul to be able to spiritually ascend, to become a bodhisattva. That is not how Ekayana Buddhists see it, they see it that everything has "buddha nature"... not just living things, that suchness itself has/is soul, just people are blind to this and some so blind to it they are beyond helping... and I tend to use a shorthand for this, my thing about humans and psychopaths looking like the same creatures, but seriously not being the same creatures... but let us look at it through Gurdjieff's eyes.

WHAT would make you want to grow a soul so much that you would actually do it?

Determine yourself to it and NEVER give up?

What would your average scientist do to repent his deathless curiosity and stop it from killing people? And how do you ever expect to be able to give him the strength for it, to help him, if you won't grow a soul?

pipe up any time....