let me just say this about that

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If not for the freakishly low humidity, I'd be dead already, okay?


That was an hour ago. It's worse now... and it's only 2pm. Temperature doesn't usually top out until 4 or 5pm.


That was another hour ago... dig how the humidity has dropped.

It's 80º in my house and, while it's stuffy in here and I hate it, I'm not sweating. Utterly unheard of in this household.

I think the local weather station is measuring the heat off pavement... or this nearly desert dry heat... and I guess I'm FINALLY figuring out the Atacama and the Namib. I mean, I know they're there, but I just can't seem to grok the failure of humidity right next to the ocean.

Here it is.


Okay. It's still officially 96.4º out there, and humidity is up from 12% to 15%, and it is 82º in here and the stuffiness finally overcame my will to endure it. I opened the window with the most shade and the door to the mudroom to get some air flowing.

Amazingly little sweat on the old girl for such an outrageously hot day. The Pacific Humidifier is malfunctioning... big time... but I guess that's a blessing... so long as it doesn't keep it up.


An hour later and it's dropped one degree outside but humidity is down to 9%. Dried up the little bit of sweat I was finally feeling. My throat and sinuses feel parched. And indoor temperature has been holding at 83º since shortly after I last updated.

I'm going to end up with doctoral degrees in everything... just from all my work at my home laboratory.


I think maybe the weather station for me was on the blink today. Toward the early evening it started flipping wildly between the 90s and the 70s and then it went offline. So maybe it only got up to 85º here today and tomorrow is going to be as bad or worse.

I'm thinkin' this because the station isn't far from me and its numbers were at pretty wild variance with mine, body thermostat and mechanical, both. It's 84º in here now, with all windows and doors open wide. Feels at least as hot as when the weather station was reading 96.4º. They're screwing with my science big time.

I mean, 85º in Khoonkhwuttunne is the apocalypse, let alone over ten degrees more, and my house always comes even with the outdoor temperatures by late afternoon. So I suspect foul play... like some bratty kid putting the instrument on a metal roof or on some black asphalt. Otherwise, impossibly low humidity makes a monster difference in conditions around here.


I remember it got up to 95º in Mendo World about twenty years ago or so... in OCTOBER. Damn near killed everyone... but there wasn’t the ridiculously low humidity that time... so... I’m still questioning.

Whatever it actually was today, it was quite miserable enough and waaaaaay too early in the year for this shit. Buncha fucking grass fires and building fires down in Humboldt over the past couple days too... which is way better’n forest fires, but still, I hate this shit.

82º in here at 8:20pm.


And it suuuuuuuuucks!

pipe up any time....