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Last night I caught some of Fussbudget's weekly nattering, where he reads to the denizens of YouBube some piece or other from his army of intellectually-flattered kindergarteners and then pours his not very cogent "high octane speculation" all over it. Almost never is this worth your time, and it isn't this week either, but I guess it works to get more paid subscriptions out of more lost souls.

Anyway, I wouldn't have kept listening except that it was clear he was reading about the dynamics of the recently-concluded Bilderberg meeting, and I'm yelling at my computer from my sudsing of dishes across the room, "They don't publicize what goes on in their meetings," but it did no good. Granny Fussbudget droned self-consciously on.

So I looked for the piece in question this morning, and it seems Thierry Meyssan has, or seems to think he has, an inside track, goes on here quite as though he'd been briefed or even attended, and I'm vexed.

Yes, yes, it's probably just another public intellectual doing what he does; to wit: write up something that makes himself sound brilliant and knowledgeable, and I don't really want to waste any time on it, but for having been reminded by WikiLeaks that both Saudi Arabia and Qatar were mentioned in a Clinton email to be known terrorist funders — and we all know how she knew that — and this fucking piece makes it sound as though the psychopaths have completely abandoned being even marginally covert about it... NOT mind you because it serves them for the public to know, but because, if true, they aren't the least worried anybody will understand or know that they should care.

Am I in a coma somewhere or being trampled in a herd of zombie cattle?

And, so this morning I'm finding that people are seeming to think that Donald's deal with the Saudis means they'll stop being a conduit for the psychopaths' support of terrorists, and crush another conduit for it in the bargain... like fighting conduits does fuck all to interfere with psychopaths supporting mostly-mercenary pretend armies of pretend devoted religious nuts, who really just and only need a paycheck literally worse than they need to go on living.

Mattis might be demanding a stop to the horse shit, but they'd kill him faster'n Seth Rich, so probably not.

I feel like Hannibal Lecter has carefully sawed off the top of my skull and is using a hand mixer to turn my brain into mousse, and this piece isn't helping. I love how the author gives footnotes. All to other pieces he's written.

From the X-Files school of footnoting. Trust No One... [else]....

Have I forgotten a crucial detail? I know there are people who get spies into those meetings, but is he one of them? It's not that I don't believe there is at least a huge faction of psychopaths who constitute the terrorist armies' entire raison d'etre. More like I don't believe there's a faction of psychopaths against that, but, heck, I have seen in the past clear evidence of an old guard who prefer much more finesse, but they are a dying breed.

What did I miss? Do I need to go listen to Alex screaming to get any clues?

pipe up any time....