this won't stop them accusing putin

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Just as all my protestations over the years that Putin is too clever to just off political enemies so the world will think he's an evil bastard. Way more reason for those who want the world to think he's an evil bastard to do it and set the media accusing him. Always has been this way.

He puts the enemies of Russia in jail, sometimes arbitrarily, for overstepping clearly demarcated boundaries for the uses to which they may put their ill-gotten billions, but he warned them all with great clarity and in no uncertain terms. Yeah, that's outright dictatorial and I would vote for that kind of dictatorial all day.

No. I cannot be 100% sure in all cases, but even if he did have any of those people killed, each of them was working with Western backing to propagandize against the Russian government, and some of them in outright treasonous ways... while some of our NOT treasonous truth tellers and democracy upholders are suicided and murdered and heart attacked or jailed or thoroughly discredited with media blitzes about their sleazy sex lives or simply run out of office by outrageous sums donated to their opposition... if they're lucky.

So. Get off yer fuckin' high horses over Putin.


And, gee, why doesn't he trust us?

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