dueling narratives

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Poor Erik is mourning the failure of his planned viceroyalty... wanting, of course, for us to be just straight up honest about the psychopathy at play, while WaPo waxes nostalgic for the action in Kabul that set the country ablaze decades ago. Karzai's brethren of times past were being assassinated at an astonishing clip; Afghanistan was warring for itself back; and the Soviets were ASKED to come in and help administrate the government and keep the peace.

That is when the psychopaths made friends with the rabid Islamists...including OBL... which touched off the psychopath-controlled terrorist industry. Poor Erik. He doesn't even get why this isn't okay. Just be up front about it! Rule the world boldly and honestly, and kill whoever gets uppity. Simple. Clean. Filtered.

But the rest of the psychopaths want the Great Unwashed to feel women's rights are being extinctified in Afghanistan so we will then, naturally, agree the MOABs and the extra troops and airstrikes are definitely the way back to miniskirts in Kabul. That's lucid as fuck, right?

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