i corrected the official record and i floated on pumice

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We were in a group, and a professor was trying to teach us to sight up different rare stones with different rare stones. I mean we were holding specific kinds of rare stones with tweezer-like gizmos and sighting over them at other stones to determine what was what. I had to point out to the professor that he had given me the wrong stone to sight what he thought I was supposed to sight, that you would need this other stone for that.

He was somewhat vexed but couldn't argue.

Then while everyone was standing around in the streets of San Anselmo, I used the little pumice wafer we'd each been given to float in the air around them. They were my witnesses and I'd merely pressed my pumice wafer to my belly and it bore me up. They all tried to ignore it, but were really impressed and a little frightened, even though I kept asking them to do the same with theirs.

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