i took the coast highway

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Fuck the Road Warrior action on 5. Fuck civilization. Fuck motel nitwits. I got in my car at 8am and cut over above Eugene to Florence. I stopped a couple times for coffee and gas, and I stopped in Brookings to do my grocery shopping, and I came home and unpacked everything and watered the garden and hooked up my machine at the stroke of 3pm. Seven hours... about one of those was for stopped stuff.

Even the white-knuckled vacationers on the coast aren't as bad as I-5.


People think cigarettes stink. I'm going to tell you something. They don't stink half as much as make up and cloying perfume and brake dust and bus exhaust.

I'm serious.


I squinted my way back down to Woodburn from the gorgeous, moonlit golf course where the wedding took place. Had a few moments of peace and near silence before the people in the room next door came crashing in, immediately flipped on the tv full blast and channel surfed at that volume for hours. It was louder'n if that tv had been in my room.

They stopped while somebody told a joke and they both cackled loudly. They do everything loudly. They bump into things. I could even hear the people in the room on the other side of them banging on their wall for them to tone it down. I guess they must have, but it went on so long and I took a pill and a half.

It was quiet for about five minutes after I woke up this morning... or maybe the thud of one of them going to the bathroom woke me and he/she decided it was time for more tv then.

I tried to imagine being with someone like that. If I couldn't get away, I'd be dead before two days were up. You might think I'm kidding, but I'm dirt serious.

How am I going to be the optimal sort of bodhisattva if I cannot endure "civilization"?

pipe up any time....