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or how I can tell this protest is provocateured or fake

Like the different uses of the word "socialist" on the left and the right, where lefties mean pooling our wealth for the public good, and the righties mean stealing the fruits of their labor to support deadbeats, something similar is true with the word "fascism". The lefties think of racism and homophobia and the righties think of totalitarianism, neither, currently, paying any attention to the fact that fascism, at its core, is plain corporatism... a system where it's illegal for businesses or citizens to lose money for the investor class. No. Matter. What.

So just assume the guy with the Nazi flag is genuine, not a shill, not acting, for a moment — and I don't believe that either, but just a thought experiment for a moment here — he's in the middle of a bunch of people carrying the Confederate flag. That flag is like the Nazi flag to lefties insofar as it represents racism. The Confederacy wasn't fascist. They just, like nearly everyone else in America at the time, thought blacks were an inferior race, but they very, very Americanly were after their freedom to conduct their lives as they saw fit.

Lincoln didn't give a flying fuck about blacks or slaveholding. He didn't want the union split and he got an absolutely pornographic number of humans killed in pursuit of that goal alone.

The vast, vast, vast majority of white people on the right are not racist, but vociferously against criminality and the sort of culture of criminality that has arisen in "urban" — code for minority-inhabited ghettos — populations, and they are adamant that giving unqualified people the big jobs because of their skin color or sex or gender psychedelia will suicide our society beyond restoring to life and health, beside being just plain racist against whites.

The vast, vast, vast majority of white people on the left are racist, but vociferously against calling it that. They don't think cops should treat "urban" criminals any differently than the rest of them — never mind that a few minutes looking into it pretty much proves that they don't — that doesn't fit the narrative. Blacks, Hispanics, mixed-up genders, women, LGBTQRSXYZs are disenfranchised and all their horse shit needs to be ignored while they're installed in positions of power, with or without portfolio, and the rest of us need our opinions made illegal so that we can have an ultimately just totalitarian society.

In short, fascism represents racism/bigotry to lefties and totalitarianism to righties. Do you see what they did there? They have both sides of the Great Idiotic National Political Polemic fighting against Nazism while both sides remain rabidly upholding fascism. Congratulations.

Awesome, ain't it?

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