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Not only does it make perfectly crystal clear that LA and San Diego and Mexico City and the whole East Coastnothing like China or India or even Africa or South America — are beyond the pale polluted, but it appears Mt. Baker is off-gassing lots and lots of carbon monoxide. This is probably usual, but I sent the link to USGS, just in case it isn't.

I was tired of checking the hurricanes to get actual wind speeds to assuage the hysterics of certain people convinced we're all gonna die. The wind speeds they use to categorize hurricanes are taken from the eye walls from above the hurricanes. The ground speeds are mostly less than half the advertised cataclysmic numbers, but the news outlets won't just SAY that, like it's not bad enough.

They were yipping about Irma going 185mph, when on the ground it was blowing about 50mph and gusting up into maybe 70mph. Same deal with Maria now. The eye was dead over Dominica a while ago and seems to be clocking just about what Irma was doing.

I keep wanting to scream, "Why do you think they built Havana the way they did!?!" or "Why can't you take your head out of your ass and make sure the aged and infirm are gotten to somewhere they won't die of power outages before you do your chicken with its head cut off "public safety" warnings?" Shit like that.

And why, when we know for many days before a hurricane hits, do we run out of gas, and generators, and food, and still have boats not moored safely enough not to go flying into buildings?

This stuff gets on my nerves. Always has.


Pardon me, but if these putzes would listen to the electric universe guys, maybe things would start adding up right for them.

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