i had to listen twice

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At first it sounded like senile bumbling, but the second pass let me read between the lines a little. Do you think Moonbeam voted for Trump? I do... and not because he likes him or trusts him but because he understands what's going on in the Democratic Party. This trip, if it's on the up and up, is about California, not politics.

Because, California, like Germany and several other EU states and American states, wants trade with Russia and China, all of Asia. We need what they have on offer. Maybe we need most to bring a lot of that manufacturing back, but we need materials and resources from them, as well as scientific and technological cooperation.

And that is a significant departure from the psychopaths' concerns that somebody has to have the will to take up with Putin and Xi. I don't know the legal hierarchy over the Russian Consulate closure in San Francisco. I just know it's supposed to be Russian territory. After that it should be San Francisco and California territory before it's U.S. territory, so maybe the harpies in San Francisco lobbied for it and Moonbeam's disgusted with them.

Or maybe his totalitarian urges bend toward having a more Chinese-style hold on the personal imperatives of citizens, is a covert secessionist who wants absolute authority to ban cigarettes and mandate vaccinations in this state, too slake his deep health nazi convictions once and for all.

He did sound dried and very thirsty here. That could be it.

Or Trump sent him as a messenger in exchange for more federal disaster funds.

pipe up any time....