are you adding it up?

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Connecting the dots, as it were? Europe is being held forcibly into complying with "American" imperatives. America isn't ours anymore. It belongs to the psychopaths, and most particularly our military and black technology and control of our Monopoly money. The people of Europe are not happy about it, except for the ones who concern themselves with our media and politics more than they do their own, and that is way too many of them, but most of them are becoming more and more vociferous against the European Union.

For all kinds of righteous reasons, obviously, but beside the genocidal influx of "refugees", there is the genocidal pressures and prohibitions against trade with the psychopaths' targets, and it's shrinking or obliterating business all across Europe, from top to bottom.

Not just the shit about trying to keep them from buying Russian gas, we just heard Germany griping about... and these regional autonomy or secession movements are the direct results of these pressures going on way too long.

Do you wonder how this can be good for the psychopaths?

Instability everywhere, is the only way to get global control. Especially, ringing Russia and China with instability, and efforts to subvert their allies across the globe, north and south, east and west... including propagandizing their, and our, public in such shameless and outright perfidious ways, lynching their leaders in the street or creating such massive unrest in the population there's no way any leader can raise the support of manpower or resources to help them.

I still say that if it comes down to WWIII, the entire world will side with Russia and China, that most of the allies of the first two will not be the good guys this time, and if we don't overthrow them before they resort to it, it will be good for any life left on earth for "our side" [which won't really be ours] to lose.

Anyway, it would seem prudent for both Spain and Italy to leave the EU and concentrate on their own countries' welfare again. If they do not, it will just end up in the exact kind of instability so devoutly wished by monsters who do not mean well by us.

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