for the self-incarcerated

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We all know them, and to a real extent we all are them, so this stuff is good to go over carefully. Like, even as my position remains that whatever happened it isn't the official story on the Las Vegas thing, I know people who are going batshit crazy over the discrepancies and lies, and others who just dully assume whatever the media report is what happened. There are too many of these now to bother discussing them anymore.

Too many have been shown to be complete fabrications and partial fabrications and I do not have any idea beyond "abject terror" what keeps those who ought to be able to blow the whistle from blowing it, but, endless besmirchment notwithstanding, too many of these apparently horrific events outright did not happen as reported, were theatrics, drills advertised as events... whatever.

So. All I know is the official story will be a lie.

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