i'm morphing my labels again

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I know it makes it rough on people who want to link to them, and I don't want to make it rough for them, or for people looking for something they want or need to go back to later, but I don't seem to be able to help myself. Things slide around, don't stay in their boxes. Either morph in my mind or in the rest of cosmos and so need to fall under a new heading, or get lumped in with another one.

So I thought I'd mention this because I decided homage to John Anthony West's term "shiny barbarism" fit better for me than the antiquated "amerika". It isn't even strictly national anymore, because we don't have a constitutional command structure anymore, and its reach is more than just the United States, but it certainly IS shiny barbarism.

Now I'm wondering if "weaponized media" even gets to the kernel anymore. To a certain extent, and certainly here, it still gets it, but so does "entrainment". So does something like "information warfare". "Mindfuckers". See? It's all starting to fall into an ancient category: greed, hate and delusion. But I nixed that label and lumped it in with "life, universe, everything" because they're the same and the Hitchhiker's Guide is much less pretentious than invoking the crusty old Zen dudes... though less precise.

That will have to get fixed at some point because I want the precision, but I don't want all the charlatan fodder directed here to become even more confused. I want people whose karma bids them contemplate whatever might fly up off my posts to be here, to get here seemingly on accident and to go away if they can't hack it.

pipe up any time....