i'm worried about the smoke

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I am hearing that the air quality is so bad in places seventy miles from the fires, that residents are being ordered to shelter in place. I have to stress to you codgers out there and especially Agent Grampa that old people and very young people are harmed the most by this.

I almost set off for the ER a couple times when it was happening here.

So. I don't give a shit how poor you are, if you can get up to say, Tahoe, please do it, or anywhere the smoke isn't. I know conditions can change from day to day, but all reports are that the fires down there are going to get worse and that means the smoke is unlikely to lessen, albeit it may blow away from you, temporarily.

So if your house smells like something is burning, it's not your house and it's not much healthier than outside. Take my word for it. Please. Get to where the smoke isn't... and bring all babies with you.

pipe up any time....