got myself something like real sleep

[click image, 20 miles east of me in the mountains]


I was a damn wreck from driving through the blowing cold rain to get from place to place, all the pleading and vivid expressions at the clinic and pharmacy yesterday, only to be confronted with vivid incomprehension. It was all falling on deaf ears, EVEN with everybody at the pharmacy working on the conversion from grains to milligrams and staring vexedly into their computer screens, and finally emailing after I'd left that they'd filled the prescription I expressly told them I could not pay for.

I was saved by a young lady by the name of Mia in a pharmacy clear down in Southern California. She alone could accomplish with the clinic eliciting the kind of attention it takes to get the job done. I think it's because she's young and sweet and smart and somebody wanted to please her.

Whatever. She stepped in and saved me.

So. I am a bundle of gratitude. Nonetheless, I am also frightened by the lack of sentience sprouting up everywhere, engulfing even people I know used to be, even a year ago, thinking and caring interfacers with the public.

I even remember a bit of my dreaming.

I discovered myself amid a collection of various types of spiritual teachers at a retreat somewhere. I had brought presents for the people who'd come to see me, and was weighing the merits of the one who would best use the shotgun that was amid my little collection of presents. Admiral Janeway was there also... acting like an admiral, of course, despite its complete inappropriateness to the theme of this gathering.

I was third in line to speak, and everyone else on the panel was expected to comment on each speaker before the next one stood up, but I spake not, because if I care about you I don't contend with charlatans... and my mother popped in somewhere before this part that I remember and that means it was for certain dreaming in the relative... but I was in the absolute.

pipe up any time....