i do not revile them

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They aren't harming anyone, other than maybe themselves. Very possibly lab rats for endocrine disrupters, the pursuit of happiness isn't above their station. Okay?

The one in the skirt is a biological male who identifies as "genderqueer". The one hugging him from behind is a biological female "tansgender/genderqueer" who is his "sweetheart". They are living off the grid on the Western Olympic Penninsula on property they do not own, but maybe are allowed to inhabit by the owners... or not. Maybe only not yet discovered by the people who own it... either the local tribes or the wasichu to whom they sold it.

That isn't very well defined here and I don't think would make a difference to these young people in any case. They're pretty much unanimous on the idea of no private property and not having to pay to be alive... which would be their bone marrow talking to them through millennia of mental conditioning disrupted by chemicals and environment — transcendentally-bad parenting, schooling and tv — mutations, genetic and synthetic.

For all we know, maybe it just gets this way every time earth floats around in this sector of the galaxy. Mox nix.

All fine and dandy. Nobody should pick on them. Neither should anyone be using them as a political football, let alone legislating their problems into everyone else's lives.

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