i'm disappointed

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She didn't mention the part about grocery stores not being stocked well enough to withstand this kind of thing — nonsense or real emergency. And, excuse me, I spent that time in the hell they call Oklahoma, with the scariest meat departments in the history of groceries, so I know there are places where food is frozen so long and so poorly it becomes nearly or completely inedible at point of final sale.

Think if that were handled right.

Billy sent me a box of Omaha Steaks for Christmas. It came packed in dry ice in a container that can double as a picnic cooler or foot-warmer tub. Every bit of the individually-sealed assorted meats contained in it still frozen hard as hockey pucks, and thawed out to act perfectly like fresh-bought meat. Not a hint of freezer burn, let alone the stink of decay, or the smell of additives meant to cover that stink but only making it a sort of chemical decay odor.

After a few years here of it being so iffy whether my dairy products would make it home from the store even fit to consume for a day, let alone a few days, because the stores were being miserly with their refrigeration costs, it finally got to the point where customers griped so much it was worse on their bottom lines than the refrigeration... but shortly it became very close to 100% ultra-pasteurized swill, with the fresh stuff shunted off to one nearly always empty corner of the huge walls full of decimated dairy products.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

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