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Ever since China decided roads and cars and megacities and heavy industry were the wave of the future — you know, right about the time the rest of us had figured out that shit was probably pretty bad for us — I have been thinking they will be smarter about how they make their play for the future.

But no, actually, dumber and less scrupled, in the main, seems to be the approach. And, yeah, the bit about life being cheaper in China was drilled into me right along with the bit about cleaning my plate because there were kids starving in China, but it's still a source of vexation to me how the forces of darkness, of greed-hate-delusion pervade, flower so brilliantly and reliably from the scorched earth of moral decay.

The good part is they, for all their bulk, can turn on a dime, but it just reminds me that even if the psychopath globalists don't get their desperately-sought planetary empire, and we get Putin's vision of a peaceful globe where everybody trades with each other and each does their best to raise the living standards for their people, we've still got this irrefutably suffering and death machine called, at its most basic and least offensive level, a "monetary system".

Everything depends so heavily on leadership, and humans suck [planets] at this. I think this is one of the major reasons I am so addicted to the Jocko Podcast. That's his bag. He is all about leadership and combat and making things right. "Discipline equals freedom." "Get after it." But the emphasis is always on leadership. You can even hire him to fix your company, because the same things that make great armies make great companies.

Whatever. Point is that ancients like Sun Tzu and Miyamoto Mushashi were not just talking about fighting and war. They were talking about becoming true humans in the course of everything we do.

Pardon me, but I was up working very hard to straighten myself out on my monumental life and death project last night and it has bumped me off my huge effort to be happening when the world is happening and functioning in the world while hopelessly not of it, and so I gotta mention to you that even the real heroes we have left on this planet are mortal and are we evolving enough to build on their legacies instead of turn them into dreams of justice and brotherhood and always doing our best to make the right things happen?

I think the best we get is movies that let us work out our deeply-frustrated spiritual urges for that and a few success stories that stand in for it. I don't think we are near enough to the ideal where our will for it delivers it, and I think there are hordes of people who've turned this basic human urge into fairy dust, who indomitably, even viciously, insist on fairy dust, and way so too many charlatans capitalizing on that. That is quite as bad, as lethal, as taking the murderating psychopath way.

So I was certain China would make the leap to advanced energy rather than fill their air and water and landscapes with poison, because that was the genius move, the real wave that needed catching. Maybe they didn't go there in self-defense. Maybe our mindfucked Jocko Willinks would be sent to tune them up if they'd dared. Or maybe they just flat out are as greedy and stupid as the bliss ninnies and the politicians and the space-alien-esque sick fucks who own the zero makers.

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