yes, well, you fuck

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Most Americans have for my entire life questioned all the foreign aid payments and never gotten a serious or righteous response. Even that labeled "humanitarian aid" goes to the rich and powerful and does not do what it purports to be doing. It only ever serves oppression, and never anything like a big enough return for the average American to even "justify" its nefarious intent.

Why aren't you tweeting out what "we" are getting for the billions we give Israel every year? We pay for their lobbyists to buy or ruin our politicians. We pay them to take our representation away from us. Why aren't you mentioning that?

And why the revived antipathy for the Iranian government? How does that serve the American people? It does not. Neither does it serve the Iranian people to knock out the "regime" sparing them from monsters like the piece of shit Pahlavi and his SAVAK killing and torturing anyone who tried to help the starving masses.

Are you doing this out of stupidity or fear? Isn't this too obnoxious even for you?

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