old people and young people with inflammatory disease take note

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Even if you don't change your diet for life, doing it for a matter of months, say, six, will make you feel so much better you will KNOW how to deal with things like depression and autoimmune problems and diabetes and heart disease and kidney problems and even osteoporosis if you JUST shut yer goddam mental conditioning down for a good trial run.

NOBODY dies of eating only meat and drinking only pure water for six months....

Nobody... except, of course, for the animals whose meat we eat, and don't give me any crap about that because that is life on earth. Everything alive eats everything alive. Plants that don't have decaying-plant-and-animal-fed soil aren't plants anymore. Even things like lichens and fungi, in the absence of other life forms to feed them, just live long enough to reproduce and live off eating themselves... and microbes in the air. This is life on earth.

Sometimes, going so drastically to the fully carnivorous side for six months is long enough to give your system a much-needed reset from the internal chaos created by modern eating... modern toxin loading. And how are you going to have a baby if your brain is so inflamed you can't dare to get off the antidepressants? What if all you had to do all along was stop eating the shit that makes your brain make you so dirt miserable you are grateful for the toxins they feed you to make the dirt miserable signals quit blaring?

What if even you only had to do that for half a year or a year to become healthy enough never to have the problem again? Or if it came back you'd know what to do? Too difficult? Are you kidding?

Should we strap you down?

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